Saturday, 17 May 2008

30/01/2008 - The start of my FOSS adventure

The following few posts will consist of back filling my posts with my previous experience of FOSS to bring me to the present time...

I obtained a copy of Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon version) and after reading community sites and magazines to find out how to load it onto a PC with Windows already installed, I planned out my install. Clearly if I am to install Ubuntu onto my current laptop then I need to ensure that it does not affect my current installation of Windows. I am not yet brave enough (or silly enough :-)) to risk affecting my normal Windows system. Clearly, I am not yet confident that FOSS will replace Windows for supplying my day-to-day IT needs.

The Presentation (link to follow) shows my preparation and subsequent install of Ubuntu onto my laptop (AKA my PC). I used a camera and capture screen shots as the main content.

Once Ubuntu was installed I completed a full backup of my laptop to ensure I can always restore my laptop to a fully working 'Windows and Ubuntu' laptop.