Saturday, 17 May 2008

24/02/2008 - Thoughts about a questionaire

THOUGHTS... I need to find out if Microsoft office is a barrier to students as they may not have Microsoft office on their home computers?

I helped my wife produce a PowerPoint tonight using a small section of a DVD. I copied the small segment of the DVD and converted it for Windows use inserted it in the PowerPoint she had created. Put this in the action plan to see if I can do this using FOSS.

Action Guide

Add radio station to my Ubuntu laptop
24th -
This was installed on my Windows XP desktop
Add Google desktop to my Ubuntu laptop

This was installed on my Windows XP desktop
Questionnaire - draft
This will cover Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. I suspect that each area will have similar questions.
Try questionnaire out on Kathy Chilver's (IT lecturer) and refine.
week beginning 3rd March

Refine questionnaire
Develop questionnaire for on-line use so results go straight into a database
week beginning 10th

Once in a database I can carry statistics much easier.
Write up for in house newsletter explaining the need for my questionnaire

Newsletter goes to all staff across all campuses
Burn from dvd and convert to use on computer and insert into PowerPoint

Develop questionnaire aimed at students to see what access they have to our VLE (via their home computer and the Internet) and whether they have Microsoft Office (or parts thereof).

Identify a entry level book on “Change Management” (education organisations if poss).