Saturday, 17 May 2008

14/02/08 - Time to reflect on progress

The driving force for this web log has come from my experiences during my current module of my MA (Ed). During my research I have come to realise the power of communication and that BLOGGING is not an idle past time, "[but can also] serve as a proxy for observation in situations where it would be difficult or impossible for direct observation to take place" (Robson. C, 2003).

I believe I was at the point were I could see the full landscape ahead as far a my dissertation was concerned and decided that this was the right time to reflect on my proposal and refine my study schedule with my Mentor. My Mentor and I had been in communication and we arranged to have our initial meeting.

I traveled to meet Chris Lavender (Mentor) at her place of academic work/study. The meeting focused completely on the task ahead and was extremely exploitative in terms of my academic plans, reflective practice and general study practices. Chris quickly gave me a 'reality check' in relation to how educational organisations work and was able to see straight through my proposal. All the potential problems were just "jumping out at me". At the end of the meeting I felt 100% better and definitely more focused.

Chris wrote up notes from our meeting and posted them to me. Chris also sent excellent notes on a variety of research issues as well as a couple of extra emails with her reflective thoughts. These extra emails are much appreciated especially the point about considering using a matrix.

Robson. C, (2003) Real World Research Oxford: Blackwell Publishing