Friday, 20 November 2009

So far so good

Yesterday was very enjoyable. I am just hoping it is not my own reaction to change that is producing this improvement to the day. I do feel better when I go home and I did not feel so pressured about work during the evening as I have everything slotted into its own date and time to be completed.

This change of focus has helped me realise that I will not be able to meet two deadlines... CHEP assignment a and Adv PDA framework. However, I have the workload sloted into my calender (includes weekends) and therefore I have a good idea when they will be done. I have been able to advise LSIS and Uni of Essex of the situation and that this is temporary while I cope with my recent increase in workload (temporary) to help another department.
I have just removed everything that is not current from my noticeboards and my desk and area looks a lot more professional.