Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Is TEL an expert witness for Tuckman's model?

Since 1993 I have been involved with Computer Based Learning (CBT), E-Learning, ICT, ILT, IT (for a little while) and currently... Technology Enhanced learning (TEL). A thought came to mind as I 'people watched' while travelling in a crowded train to work.

If TEL et al was a person, not only would she/he be happy to be called just about anything (CBT, TEL etc.), but would be an expert witness for Bruce Tuckman's (1996) model of 'forming, storming, norming and performing in groups' due to the many meetings, learning and teaching events, conferences discussions, projects dissemination's... she/he has attended.

TEL et al has seen it all!

Tuckman, Bruce W. (1996) Theories and Applications of Educational Psychology, New York: McGraw Hill. Third edition with D. Moneth published 2001.