Monday, 21 September 2009

Coming back to life?

I have taken a little time out to consolidate my thinking. I have worked very hard on getting volunteers to be TLCs (Technology Learning Coach) and looked into the issues of communication across silos (aka curriculum areas).

LSIS is funding a new round of PDAs (Professional Development Advisor) and E-Guides (does what it says on the bottle) for 09/10. This is an opportunity to give TLCs a nationally identified role. I have a new drive on to encourage academic staff (especially TLCs) to enrol onto either course.

I need at least five PDAs then I can train as an Advanced PDA. The network of change agents (PDAs, E-Guides and TLCs) will then help move the college forward at a faster rate and will ensure we will receive a good to excellent Ofsted report when the time comes.