Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Moodle Moot

Reflecting on yesterday's sessions at the Moodle Moot I have come to realise that Moodle is becoming mature. Not just because the high number of users, but mainly the advances in the framework. The intention to use themes similar to how Drupal use them is a major plus. Eventually there should be no need to touch the core coding and therefore upgrading should be easier. There is still a debate of how closely it should be connected to a MIS - but this still revolves around the integrity of the data and the reliability of internal systems (weak points in reliability?).

It is interesting to note that the same challenges are present for all organisations in embedding a VLE into education. There needs to be strong communication conduits to ensure everyone understands the boundarie and more importantly the advantages of a VLE. The old issue of tutors sharing resources raised it's head again.