Sunday, 15 June 2008

27/02/08 - Initial questionnaire problems

Decided to use the Intranet at Colchester Institute to deliver the questionnaire. The Intranet use Microsoft SharePoint Portal which is basically a CMS (Content management System) that allows those that have normal Microsoft Word skills to develop web pages as well as more advanced features such as Discussion boards and Surveys. It was the survey I was interested in as I knew I could develop a questionnaire very quickly.

After an hour's work I found that I was unable to add further questions. After checking on the Internet I found that SharePoint Portal is restricted on the type and the amount of questions that can be used:
64 questions of type - Single line of text and Choice (drop-down menu or radio buttons)
31 questions of type - Multiple lines of text and Choice (check boxes (allow multiple
32 questions of type - Number and currency
32 questions of type - Hyperlink
16 questions of type - Date and time
16 questions of type - Lookup
16 questions of type - Yes/No
8 questions of type - Calculated

I was using a simple yes/no questionnaire (quantitative) but was not able to finish it. I will think about the questionnaire again as it was quickly getting very large.

In the evening I joined an on-line conference with a work colleague. I was at home and he was still at work (teaching). used WebEx is designed for Windows, however, I noticed the technology was FOSS based (Java language) and I tried to see if it would work on my FOSS based laptop. Without much trouble we were connected using white boards and VOIP. We did not try video as I don't expect it would work as yet as I have not installed video drivers etc.